Don't forget about the Jackson County Animal Shelter

By Tilly Gibbs

There is another animal shelter that was not mentioned in your Since You Asked column on June 5. The Jackson County Animal Shelter, located at 5595 S. Pacific Highway, Phoenix, is the state-run shelter serving Jackson County.

This is taken from its website:

"Our goal is to educate the citizens of Jackson County about animal control and animal welfare; to protect human and animal health and safety; to increase responsible pet ownership, reduce the numbers of unwanted pets, and to work towards the reduced need for our services.

"We are proud professionals serving the people and animals of Jackson County. Animal Care and Control assumes a unique position in the community. We must combine the activities of law enforcement which protects people and their interests, public health responsibilities that protect people from the dangers and diseases of animals, and humane and animal welfare roles which protects animals.

"Our vision is to a time when Jackson County neighborhoods will be safe from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet ownership. The day no animal will suffer due to neglect, abuse, or ignorance and when every pet born will be assured of a caring home."

In addition, Friends of the Animal Shelter, a 501(c)3 organization, serves as the fundraising group for the Jackson County Animal Shelter. More than 200 volunteers are trained to work with the animals to make them more adoptable. Last year, more than 63,000 volunteer hours were donated. Examples include fostering, play groups, enrichment programs, walking and socializing dogs, cuddling and socializing cats. In addition, FOTAS promotes spay and neuter and offers educational outreach and dog washes.

Last year, More than 3,000 animals came to the Jackson County Animal Shelter. As a state-run facility, they are required to take in any animal, regardless of its medical condition or temperament.

Please add these two organizations to your list of important animal services in our community.

— Tilly Gibbs is board president of the Friends of the Animal Shelter.


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