Dam needs to stay

Historic Gold Ray Dam needs to stay. Jackson County needs to preserve this historic dam.

The backwaters and many sloughs are home to many species of ducks, geese, beavers, otters, muskrats, owls, hawks, bald eagles, deer, bears, hundreds of turtles and other protected and unprotected birds that live in this beautiful wetland. This is the largest wetland in all of the Rogue River Valley. All of the wildlife depend on this critical habitat for their very survival. Some of the largest trees support and shade these waterways.

In my opinion, ODFW should want to preserve this dam — it is the only place on the Rogue River where salmon and other species can actually be counted. Also, preserving this dam will ensure generations of young people can hunt and enjoy this wonderful wetland — more than 600 acres of wetland.

To my knowledge, salmon data reveals that this dam has not hurt the salmon. Some of the largest salmon runs, in the millions, have passed over this dam to proceed upstream to spawn.

Another thought is this stimulus money is not free money! Common sense to save historic Gold Ray Dam should prevail, in my opinion! — A. L. Rosecrans, Central Point

Recently, I read with interest and agreement Maxine Scott's letter regarding Ashland's "sensible priorities."

Since her letter was published, water has been rationed. There can be no doubt that supplying water to the proposed highway rest stop and new fire station is very important, but Ashland's No. 1 priority has to be to connect to Medford water. Years ago, the city paid to have the pipe running to Talent made large enough to accommodate Ashland, and now everything else needs to be put on hold until this is done!

Ms. Scott missed the most important reason for doing so, which is to have the ability to fight fires when the next flood comes and Ashland is without water to fight fires. Only by the grace of God was a major disaster avoided after the 1997 flood when there was no water to fight fires with for nearly a month! We will have another flood. This isn't an if, it's a when; history proves this. Let's get our priorities in order! — Sam Whitford, Ashland

This letter is to express my great appreciation to the 9-1-1 Center, the Medford Police Department, particularly Officer Wulff and Detective Ford in their dealing with my recent burglary. This was a first experience for me (and hopefully the last). They were quick to respond, kind, caring, efficient and very helpful.

Also my gratitude to Terry Munda and his quick action and response to what he recognized as a suspicious situation. If it hadn't been for him, the perpetrator might never have been apprehended as quickly as he was. Thank you all. — Ellen Nelson, Medford

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