Confessions of a political moderate

The middle is a lonely place these days. If you're not wedded to a political persuasion or an ideology, not a true believer ... well, welcome to my world.

And since I get to share my worldview with you on a somewhat regular basis, I thought I'd let you know where I'm coming from.

I vote for Republicans, Democrats, Independents and even the occasional Libertarian. And sometimes wind up regretting the decision. I say things in the wrong group of people and leave them with the impression that I'm a reactionary conservative, which I'm not, or a flaming liberal, which I'm not.

I think all people deserve health care, regardless of their ability to pay. Flaming liberal! But I have my doubts about providing an endless, and expensive, supply of the antidote naloxone to the heroin user who overdoses again and again and again. Reactionary conservative!

The homeless and transients deserve to be treated with respect and given help. But when they commit repeated offenses in our parks or our downtowns, give them the boot.

Just as the state has no business telling a woman that she must have a baby, it has no business in telling parents that they must let their baby die (see Charlie Gard).

It is obscene that CEOs earn hundreds of times the pay of their employees, who after all are the ones actually making the product or delivering the service. Just as it is obscene when public employee unions push for Cadillac benefits at a time when the organizations their members work for are cutting back on critical services.

We presently have only one world and we're screwing it up — yes, climate change is all too real. But trees can be logged without bringing on the end of days.

Oregon needs a sales tax. Oregon and its cities also need to simplify regulations for businesses — jobs, after all, create incomes, which create taxes, which pay for those services the folks in Salem say they want to provide.

I like fishing, golf, skiing and drinking microbrews, although the only hobbies I've ever been any good at are the latter two. And, speaking of golf and skiing, why is it that we're all for the idea of transitioning our economy to tourism but then fight plans for new golf courses and an expansion at Mt. Ashland?

Medford is a great place to live. I can get to the Rogue River in about 15 minutes, to Mt. Ashland in about 45 minutes and, sigh, to work in about eight minutes, seven if the lights are all green.

Oh, and then there's Donald Trump. Wow.

There you have it. Should be enough there to tick off just about everyone, on either side of the aisle. Like I said, it's lonely here in the middle.

— Bob Hunter is associate editor of the Mail Tribune. Reach him at

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