'We must be united ... to remain strong'

Dear President-elect Obama:

I am a Republican and did not vote for you this past election. However, I did watch you during many of your speeches and I consider you to be a wonderful orator. I also think many of your plans and ideas for America, if followed, will help all Americans.

I had my concerns — many concerns, to be honest — yet we are Americans and you are our president and I will now honor and accept this. Of course, I may not always agree with your decisions or policies but I will uphold all that is and has been sacred such as our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I have listened to many of my Republican colleagues say some pretty mean-spirited things about you. I myself, as a small business owner (I own and operate Martinez & Associates Investigations), would protect you and the office you represent with my life if necessary, regardless of my views or those of others because we are Americans first, we must be united on some matters to remain strong.

In conclusion, Mr. President-elect, may God bless you and your family and may God Bless America! You, sir, are my president!


Timothy J. Martinez, White City

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