'I will do my part,' too

Dear President-elect Obama,

First let me tell you how thrilled I am for your victory in this election and how elated I am for our country because of your victory. You have inspired many to the voting system who never before have had an interest and you have made statements to Americans about how you will handle the myriad of problems besetting us at this time. You have also encouraged all Americans to work toward the progress we desire instead of waiting for it to just "happen."

So the intent of my letter is that I too must make a commitment to you and to my country and my fellow citizens. I will be patient. I will be positive and I will encourage others to look for the good in what is accomplished under your presidency. I will do my part to raise the level of respect for my country in this world and to support my president in whatever way I can. I will take interest and participate in my neighbors' projects, my local politicians and the issues we face locally. I will be a true American, this is my promise to you.

You have inspired the best in so many, it is only fitting we offer you our best. Thank you.

Gerrie Leinfelder, Applegate

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