What are the entertainment options at the Yreka casino?

Can you tell me if the new casino that will open in Yreka, California, in February 2018 has a restaurant, hotel and entertainment facility for concerts?

Craig H., Medford

You're right, Craig, the 36,000-square-foot Rain Rock Casino perched on a hill overlooking Yreka will open its doors to members on Feb. 24 and to the general public on Feb. 26.

The casino will have two restaurants, one sit down and another for fast food, that will together seat 100 people. In addition, the casino will have a sports bar.

Karuk Chairman Russell “Buster” Attebery told us that the hotel and event center will be added in phase two of the project, which will likely get started a year or two from now. The event center will have a large auditorium and stage.

In the meantime, a smaller stage inside the casino will host a band and some other acts. The casino will also work with the fairgrounds locally to put together some shows.

The proposed hotel will have 80 to 120 rooms.

The casino will open with 350 Vegas-style slot machines and table games.

Rain Rock will create 300 jobs in Yreka, and there was quite a line of people applying recently for a job fair, with preference given to tribal members.

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