Voter registration follows change of address

It just dawned on me that I might not be registered to vote. I moved last year just before Christmas and filed a change of address with the post office and with DMV. Did that automatically change my voter address as well? If not, how do I change it, and can I do it in time for the upcoming election?

— M.F., Medford

Your email sent more than a few of us at Since You Asked Central scrambling to figure out whether our voter registrations are up to date heading into the Nov. 6 election, and Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker says if we’re anything like you, we should be fine.

Changing your address through the U.S. Postal Service means the feds share that information to county clerks through the National Change of Address program, Walker says.

Also, the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services, which is still called the DMV for short, shares its change-of-address information with county clerks, just to make sure voter registrations follow you wherever you go.

“We do a lot of data-sharing to keep those registrations up as best we can,” Walker says.

That said, M.F., you can verify for yourself that your ballot will find your new digs.

Go to, click on the “My Vote” icon and type in your first name, last name and date of birth. Your name has to be exactly as you registered, so you might have to try your full name or truncated name if you happen to be a Michael who also goes by Mike.

“I know it works,” Walker says. “I just did it yesterday to verify that it works and it works fine.”

If that doesn’t turn up your answer, you can always call the clerk’s office at 541-774-6148 and someone there will look it up for you, Walker says.

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