A 1998 Chevy Tahoe was heavily damaged in a crash Tuesday on Highway 62 at Coker Butte Road. [Photo courtesy Medford Fire-Rescue]

Suspect, victims named in stolen SUV crash

A man who allegedly stole an SUV from a downtown Medford car lot Tuesday and crashed it into an unsuspecting driver has been identified as Michael Ray Provencio, 35, of Medford.

Provencio is in the hospital being treated for injuries sustained in the crash on Highway 62 and Coker Butte Road, according to Oregon State Police Lt. Mark Duncan. But he has been charged in Jackson County Circuit Court with multiple felony assault, weapons and vehicle-theft charges.

Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Mejia set Provencio's bail at $1 million Wednesday, and ordered intensive release conditions should he be released early, including weekly check-ins and a requirement that he wear an ankle monitor.

At least two other people were hurt during Provencio's rampage, which started about 9:12 a.m. when he reportedly stole a 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV from World Famous Auto and crashed it a half-hour later  into a Ford Super Duty crew cab pickup at the intersection of Highway 62 and Coker Butte Road.

The injured people were identified as David C. Adams and Nathan Lindquist. Police said the injured parties were in separate vehicles but didn't say who was driving the Ford pickup, or whether Provencio had a passenger in the SUV when he crashed. Photos taken at the crash site showed both front airbags in the SUV had deployed.

According to police, a Jackson County sheriff's deputy began chasing Provencio when the officer witnessed a "road rage" incident near Corey Road and McLoughlin Drive.

Provencio is accused of first-degree robbery, third-degree assault and using the SUV as a weapon for injuring Adams, according to court records. Provencio faces a felony count of second-degree assault for injuring Lindquist in the crash.

First-degree robbery carries a mandatory minimum 90-month sentence, and second-degree assault carries a mandatory minimum 70 months.

Provencio also faces felony charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude a police officer, as well as a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Court records show Provencio has a criminal history dating back to 2003, when he was sentenced to six years in prison for second-degree robbery. In 2011, Provencio was convicted of third-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon, and in 2016 he was convicted of felony meth-possession and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

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