This photo provided by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office shows the steep terrain where a car stolen 27 years ago was found.

Stolen Porsche found 27 years later

Thanks to a Trail-area hiker's keen eye, a sports car stolen decades ago in Medford has been found, though recovering it will be another challenge.

A man walking his dog along Abbott Prairie Road Tuesday afternoon spotted the wreckage of a '79 Porsche 924 coupe that somehow drove off a cliff. Further investigation determined that the car hadn't been seen since 1991, according to a Jackson County Sheriff's Office release.

The car, found about a mile and a half north of Elk Creek Road, had flipped and landed at the base of a cliff, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, making the wreckage nearly impossible to see from the road above.

The vehicle's location in steep, rugged terrain presents logistical and environmental concerns for removal. Sheriff's officials are working to determine the best course of action. The name of the vehicle's owner was not immediately known.

Bones were found at the scene of the wreckage, but an investigation Wednesday concluded they were remains of a deer, not a person. No human remains were found inside or around the vehicle, police said.

The four-cylinder Porsche had been reported stolen from the Southside Cinema parking lot Jan. 20, 1991.

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