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OR-54, a daughter of OR-7, was collared last fall. [USFWS photo]

Rogue Pack kills guard dog

A livestock guardian dog was attacked and killed Monday by wolves southeast of Prospect in an area frequented by gray wolf OR-7 and his Rogue Pack, authorities say.

The dog’s death is the first blamed on the Rogue Pack since two calves were killed days apart in January at a ranch in the Butte Falls area within the pack’s home environs.

In the early-morning hours Monday, a livestock owner was awakened by the sound of his Tibetan mastiff that was guarding livestock in a fenced pasture about 400 yards from his residence in the Boundary Butte area, according to an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife wolf report released this evening.

The owner investigated and discovered his dog limping through the field toward the residence, the report states. The dog died later that night.

An inspection of the dog revealed at least 25 puncture wounds and tooth scrapes throughout the body.

The location of the injuries, tooth-puncture spacing, severity of the trauma and wolf tracks on the property led biologists to conclude the dog was killed by a wolf, the report states.

The report states that the attack occurred within the Rogue Pack’s so-called area of known wolf activity.

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