No, we're not taking over KTVL

When Editorial Page Editor Gary Nelson and I met with city leaders Wednesday — we try to meet once a quarter to exchange updates and iron out any problems — we were asked, somewhat jokingly, "When are you taking over KTVL?"

Gary and I were startled, to say the least.

"We're not," we both said.

"That's the rumor," the city official said.

Then let's just nip that one in the bud right now.

We've begun a partnership with KTVL that we hope will grow in time and help both of us succeed in this world of information on demand. Newspapers and TV stations must get creative to not only survive, but thrive.

We're working toward providing our readers with the information they need when they need it and how they want it — whether it's online, on mobile, on air or in print. And we've turned to KTVL to help us do that.

We each have something to offer the other. The Mail Tribune's reporters and editors have well over 200 years' experience in journalism when added together, and many of us have lived here for a long time. We know our communities inside and out and can help pass on our knowledge to KTVL, whose relatively small market attracts reporters just starting their careers.

KTVL reporters, on the other hand, can teach us new skills in shooting video and appearing on camera, something we'll all need to do more of as we grow our products in this digital age. Appearing on KTVL's broadcasts and partnering with them on series, two initiatives we've started already, can help our stories reach new audiences.

You might have seen our sports reporter Kris Henry talking with KTVL anchor Brian Schnee on Wednesday nights as they preview upcoming games, or outdoor and environmental reporter Mark Freeman talking with KTVL's morning hosts on Fridays about his piece in our Oregon Outdoors section in that day's paper.

You might also recall the ground-breaking, four-day series we produced with KTVL in November called "Waiting for Tragedy," about how difficult it is to commit someone who is violently mentally ill. Mail Tribune reporter Vickie Aldous and KTVL anchor Trish Glose are doing another series together, this one about women and crime that's scheduled to begin Feb. 25.

You might wonder why we haven't made any big announcements just yet. We don't like making promises; we'd rather tell you about what we've done after we've delivered results.

Stay tuned.

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