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Killer's bullet drills neighbor's ceiling

Medford resident Tyler Tull returned home Friday to find his daughter’s room turned into a crime scene.

“My neighbor, she texted me that police are around your house with guns,” Tull said. “I thought ‘OK, it was domestic violence or something.’ I didn’t think it was anything serious.”

After the warning from his neighbor, Tull found a bullet hole in the ceiling of his apartment. He said his daughter’s door was taped off for two hours while police collected evidence.

Tull and his family live in the unit under the one where KayLynn Klosterman, 21, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds Friday in the 3000 block of Arrowhead Drive. A bullet hit the room below.

“That was actually scary, because it went through my daughter’s ceiling,” Tull said. “It ricocheted off her door jam and into the floor. Not only that, just having a crime scene in my own house. That really scared me, and it still scares me.”

Jesse Allen, 20, was arrested Saturday in Eagle Point and was arraigned Monday on a charge of murder. The weapon believed to have been used in the shooting has been recovered, police said. He remains lodged in the Jackson County Jail without bail.

Tull said his wife was home in the shower during the incident, but two kids were away. He said he is thankful his children did not hear any screams or gunshots.

He said they live in a relatively quiet neighborhood, so a crime of this nature took him by surprise.

“We don’t expect anything like this to happen,” Tull said. “But to tell my daughter that a young lady passed away right above her room, where the bullet hole came from. It’s kind of devastating to everybody.”

Tull said the couple was new to the building, having moved in about a month ago. While he did not have many interactions with them, Tull said he heard Klosterman and Allen get into a big argument a week before the murder.

Tull said he feels for Klosterman’s family. He said he would like to attend her funeral to pay his respects.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he said of her family. “This never should have happened. He put innocent lives at risk.”

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