Jason Wayne Crenshaw

Man sentenced to prison in assault on pregnant woman

An Ashland man will serve nearly two years in prison after admitting to drug and vehicle theft, as well as for his role in a brutal Medford attack on a pregnant woman in which the child barely survived.

Jason Wayne Crenshaw, 37, was sentenced in Jackson County Circuit Court Friday to 22 months for his role in an attack on a woman who narrowly escaped miscarriage in December 2014, reportedly because he was angry at the victim for stealing a "significant amount" of jewelry that belonged to him, according to Deputy District Attorney Nick Geil, who prosecuted the case.  

Crenshaw pleaded no-contest June 13 to second-degree assault in the case. A no-contest plea is not an admission of guilt, but indicates that prosecutors could prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Donald Scales, Crenshaw's court-appointed defense lawyer, claimed another person in the known drug house on Cottage Street attacked the woman, but he said it would have been a "substantial risk" to take the case to trial. 

Geil said Crenshaw knocked the victim to the ground, suffocated her with his shirt and strangled her until she vomited.

"He told her he'd slit her throat if she called the police," Geil said.

The victim called for an ambulance after Crenshaw left, concerned she was losing her child, Geil said.

Crenshaw pleaded guilty to stealing a pickup owned by U-Haul and delivering methamphetamine. In addition to prison, he was ordered to pay $4,612.73 restitution.

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