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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 8, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 8, 1918


Among the missing in Monday’s casualty list is the name of Lieut. Roger W. Hitchcock of Los Angeles.

Lieutenant Hitchcock is well known in Medford having resided here for several years. In 1910 he purchased a ranch at Eagle Point and for some time operated it. He was a member of the University club and Country club and prominent in social circles. His father, a well known author, died a year ago in New York. After leaving here he moved to Los Angeles and married there.

At the outbreak of the war, Lieutenant Hitchcock enlisted in the aviation service and has for some time been in France with the American expeditionary forces.


Orders have just been placed by the quartermasters corps for 2,300,000 packages of chewing gum for the army. It has been found that on long marches and where the troops are unable to get sufficient water, chewing gum is very effective in relieving thirst.

Recently the commanding officer of a regiment of field artillery, when embarking for overseas service, stated that 250 pounds of chewing gum would save hundreds of gallons of water when most needed. He pointed out that chewing gum is cheap and that there are times when water is very expensive and at time unobtainable.

Precautions to save water are therefore being taken. The lemon drops used by the army are prepared from a special formula tested for its thirst quenching qualities. Canned tomatoes have also been found effective for thirst, a can of tomatoes in the front line trenches has several time the results of the same volume of water. This is ascribed to the mild acidity of the canned tomato.

The subsistence division of the quartermaster corps is constantly engaged in experiments to discover ways and means to insure our troops are getting the best food at all times and at the same time effecting the utmost saving in tonnage.


Notice of a big advancement of approximately $1 a pair on shoes has been received by Medford retail shoe merchants from the shoe manufacturers to go into effect in the next five days. In fact the raise is practically already in effect. This raise come just ahead of the government edict setting the maximum retail price of shoes after Oct. 15, at $12, and the minimum retail price at $3, and ordering the division of shoes for sales purposes into three grades of quality, A, B, C.

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