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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 11, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 11, 1918


Mayor Gates who with Mrs. Gates and Miss Laura Gates arrived home last night from their auto trip to Camp Lewis, is much exercised over the Spanish Influenza epidemic situation over the country, and this morning at once began inquiries to learn if there were any cases here.

He made it plain that if the dread disease appeared in Medford he favored taking drastic steps immediately to prevent the spread thruout the city, and planned to hold a conference on the matter with Dr. E. B. Pickel, the city health officer. Should the disease appear here Mayor Gates favors following the example set by Eugene, Roseburg and other places where the theaters and churches have been closed and all public gatherings prohibited.

In an interview this morning Dr. Pickel said that so far as he knew there were no cases of Spanish influenza in the city or vicinity. Rumors of several cases in the city upon investigation proved to be unfounded.

“I strongly favor locking up the barn before the horse is stolen,” said Mayor Gates this noon. “The trouble is that many persons who have an attack of it and apparently recover walk about spreading it. The after-effects are the worst part. A person apparently well will get up and four days later fall dead. Every person should stay in bed at least a week after he thinks he is over it. At Roseburg and Eugene we found everything closed up tight by the authorities.”

The best preventative of influenza is to spray nose and throat morning and evening with an atomizer containing disinfectant.


The linen shower continues until the middle of next week when it is hoped to have completed the quota for the comfort of those in hospitals in France. Have you contributed to this shower a sheet, pillowslip, bath and other towels, napkins, etc.? If not, hustle up and do this bit. Why not two or more people pool their bit and buy a sheet or other needed articles?

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