Mail Tribune 100, May 11, 1918 Continued

May 11, 1918 Continued


Home Service Department

War is very serious and also a very expensive undertaking, especially the one in which we are now engaged. It is, therefore, necessary that all of us should do our very utmost to save time, money and effort in order that it may be successfully carried on. The work of this department of the Red Cross is a very important one, and those whose needs are net by it should observe very carefully the rules governing the same, otherwise much money and time and effort will be wasted, and the end sought defeated.

All families of soldiers are urgently advised not to locate ear the cantonments where their husbands or fathers are now in the service of their country. The attention of this department has just been called to this by the division manager of the Red Cross, Seattle, Washington. He says: The migration of families of soldiers in order to be near the cantonments in which the men are gathered is against the definite advice and warnings of the war and navy department. The home service work of the Red Cross should discourage this, as it has been the cause of much annoyance, discomfort and expense to both the Red Cross, the soldiers and their families.

Patriotism on the part of both soldiers and their families demand that such a thing shall be discontinued. To act otherwise is to hamper the military authorities by crowding military camp cities and becomes a source of worry to the men and a financial responsibility which they can not meet.

Before making any change in your location seek the advice of the home department of the Red Cross, Sparta Building, Medford, Oregon, and in this way the work of this department may soon be made a success and at very little expense.


A freight train wreck near Rogue River at 5 p.m. yesterday put an end to Southern Pacific traffic in this section for six hours. Passenger trains 54 due at 5:47 p.m. and 16 due at 6:06 p.m. were held back at Ashland until the wreckage was cleared away and did not reach Medford until 11:30 p.m.

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