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Mail Tribune 100, June 8, 1918 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 8, 1918 Continued


(The Mail Tribune will publish in this column each week interesting letters from our soldiers and sailors and news items concerning their movements. The Association of Mothers, Wives and Next of Kin requests that items for publication be furnished to Mrs. M. C. Barber, chairman of the press committee, not later then Thursday of each week.)

American Section, May 4, 1918.

Dear Folks: I have received several letters from all of you within the last few weeks and believe me I was certainly glad to get them. This is one time that I can tell you that is has been nearly a month since I have written to any of you and not be ashamed to tell you, as we certainly have been too busy to say the least.

We are in the American sector now and near the front so that it is a great deal more interesting. It is not an uncommon thing to see anti-aircraft shrapnel bursting in the air and sometimes you can spot the planes but not always as they usually fly rather high. When we first got here the mud was knee deep but the sun has been out for three days and it has all nearly dried up so that it is much better.

Please don’t expect too many letters from me from now on. I know they have been few and far between formerly, but you will have to excuse it.

Some fellow just asked for shoe polish and they mobbed him. I can’t imagine it myself. Here we have all the modern inconveniences such as a ditch to wash in and no hot water to shave with and shoe polish ain’t right.

I will close as there is nothing to tell you so what can I do? I am well and busy.

With love to all, yours, BILL

Sgt. Marvin J. Mitchell, Co. A, 2nd Balloon Squad, American E. F. — Friday’s papers prove that you have been busy to some account, Bill, you and all our American boys, and say for you what you don’t say for yourself.

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