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Mail Tribune 100, June 8, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 8, 1918


Ashland is sure coming to the front as a Round-up town, already lovers of this exciting sport for hundreds of miles north, south, east and west are making plans to be there July 4-5-6.

The management of the show is to be congratulated on the way it is conducted. Every precaution is taken to safeguard the attendants which run up into thousands. No rowdyism is permitted, and it is a great performance that may be enjoyed by men, women and children, and once seen they for miles and miles want to see it again.

This year it is to contain many new and novel features, exhibited in the west for the first time. A great many professional performers have already been engaged and the competition among this class will be keen.

There will be special events for local talent and the prizes are sufficient to attract the best men in southern Oregon and northern California.

A strong contingent is expected from Klamath county, the home of the bucker and buckeroes, and it is expected many prizes will fall to the lads from this section. And it is the intention of the management of the show this year that local talent be given the preference in all events.

This year as usual it is to be held in connection with a grand patriotic celebration given by the town people. A feature of which will be a wonderful patriotic display of fire works, to be handled by an expert direct from the factory.

Ashland has wonderful advantages over most cities for a celebration of this sort, with its magnificent parks located in Ashland canyon, hand to the business section, consisting of 40 acres of shady nooks, sunshine and flowers, with fountains of sulpher soda and lithia water, beside free camping grounds are provided here for the accommodation of all tourists.

A special building in which may be found a private locker and gas plates for cooking purposes.

All roads leading to Ashland are in the best of shape for summer travel at this time of the year. So by all means arrange your plans to spend July 4-5-6 this year in Ashland, and you will have the time of your lives.

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