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Mail Tribune 100, June 7, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 7, 1918


To the People of Jackson County:

The executive committee of the Jackson County War Savings organization is pleased to announce to the public that with June 28th, which date has been designated by the president, National War Savings day, the intensive features of the National War Savings campaign going on for the past six months, will cease.

The national committee, believing that the first two of the three-fold purposes to be accomplished by the War Saving campaign, namely: war consciousness, personal responsibility and thrift — have been attained by the months of spreading the war savings gospel, now order that the third objective — purchase war stamps — be put “over the top” by the taking of wholesale orders from our citizens for War Savings stamps to be delivered and paid for as desired during the rest of the year instead of purchasing in retail fashion as heretofore.

In the past six months ten percent only of the two billion dollar issue of War Savings stamps authorized by congress, have been taken by the American people, leaving ninety percent to be placed in the following seven months. Under the original plan this seemed practically impossible, hence the change.

We are simply up against a new Liberty Loan — a Liberty Loan in which every citizen can participate to the extent of his or her financial ability. The maximum amount for any one investor is placed at one thousand dollars and the minimum at five dollars, maturity value; a short-term government bond carrying the unheard of option of cashing at any time should necessity require.

This county’s quota is two-thirds of the apportionment of the last Liberty Loan, namely; Two hundred and fifty-eight thousand six hundred and sixty-six dollars ($258,666.00). We have sold, in round numbers, seventy-six thousand dollars of the issues leaving for us to dispose of in the present campaign, one hundred and eighty-two thousand six hundred dollars. To accomplish this the financial resources of the county must be appealed to. As the plans for the campaign are brought into action, more and more of our citizens will be called upon to assist the committee. The best help can only be used in this work, and if perchance some work is assigned you, it is because of your fitness and loyalty that you have been chosen and the committee assumes that none of us at home will refuse to do their utmost to back up our valiant army at the seat of war.

“The supreme test of the nation has come. We must all speak, act and serve together.” — President Wilson.

Jackson county has always gone “over the top” in her patriotic endeavors and she will not fail now.


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