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Mail Tribune 100, June 11, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.


The smart musical comedy, “Oh, Boy,” comes to the Page Monday evening, June 17. Concerning the production, the San Francisco Call says:

Without the least risk of committing the sin of extravagant praise, “Oh, Boy,” which opened at the Cort theater last night, can be hailed as a production excelled in the realm of girl and music shows. There is a delightful finish and smooth efficiency in every detail of the performance. These confer an easy distinction on the Broadway success and why New Yorkers clamored and are still clamoring to see it.

“Oh, Boy” is frothy and frivolous, but in a different way than its pert title might lead one to suppose. It is not a big, blaring musical show, with battalions of chorus girls and chorus men, or tons of scenery.

It is a pleasing farce deftly performed by players endowed with an abundance of ability and personal charm, with musical numbers of the kind that everyone is trying to hum or whistle today. Some of the more popular numbers have preceded the show.

Continuing the song of praise, there is not a crude or ill-considered episode in the performance. Songs, dances, dialogue and situations all bear the stamp of exquisite finish. A pleasant glow is induced at the outset and this delightful condition is sustained in the audience every second.

The performance is peopled by a cast that is quite in accord with the pervading quality of “Oh, Boy,” the ability to please without apparently trying.

Joseph Santley, the star of the production, is by no means required to bear a major portion of the responsibility of the show’s success. He is a good looking youth, with a quietly effective method, an attractive singing voice and exceptional ability as a dancer, but there are others in the cast who contribute largely to the power of performance to confer enjoyment.

Notable among these is Layinia Winn, remembered for a previous success in San Francisco. Hers is a vivacity which never fails, with the added worth of a charming voice.

Dorothy Maynard has one of the more obvious comedy roles and is thoroughly pleasing. Laurence Wheat and Hugh Cameron are other notable members of the cast.

“Oh, Boy” easily lives up to its reputation.

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