Mail Tribune 100

April 5, 1918


The finishing touches were put on the arrangements for the Liberty Loan parade Saturday morning, when Mayor Gates signed an order yesterday prohibiting the parking of automobiles on Main street between New town and Riverside from 9:30 a.m. Saturday until the parade, which begins at 10 o’clock, is over.

The prize committee who will award the prizes for the best looking marching organization, the handsomest float, and the most attractively decorated private car, consists of Vernon Vawter, Dr. J. L. Hill and Porter J. Neff.

Saturday morning not later than 9:50 o’clock, the various units of the parade will assemble on the right side of the street at their designated places. Boy Scouts will be on hand in the several streets to direct the units to their exact positions. To avoid confusion, all automobiles entering the parade will approach their places from 10th street. Leaders of each unit will cause their divisions to close up to parade interval not later than 9:55 o’clock. Promptly at 10 o’clock the parade will start from Oakdale avenue, east on Main street to Riverside, north on Riverside to Sixth, west on Sixth to Bartlett, south on Bartlett to Main street, then counter-marching west on main street to the band stand in the city park where Mr. W. F. Woodward, of Portland, one of Oregon’s best orators, will deliver an address immediately after the parade.


The cold snap seems to be over. The coldest temperature of last night and this morning was 32.2 degrees. Though the orchardists were prepared to smudge again, only a few did so, and then only lightly. The prediction for tonight and tomorrow is for clear weather and a light frost early tomorrow morning.

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