Mail Tribune 100

March 8, 1918


Despite the fact that the nation needs the financial aid of every loyal American, there are many slackers in Jackson county who have not and are no co-operating with their country.

Many who have received the money for county warrants, instead of investing in liberty bonds, war-saving stamps and certificates, are investing in municipal and school bonds of distant cities. They have not local patriotism sufficient to aid their own communities, but prefer to put their money out in securities they know nothing about. In war time, as in peace time, the best and safest security of all are government securities. Cities may go bankrupt and school districts pass their interest, but Uncle Same is always a safe bet. If money must be realized quickly, it can always be secured upon government bonds. there is always a sale for them, money can always be borrowed upon them—and there come times when you can neither sell nor borrow on other securities.

The best short-time security on the market today are war savings stamps and government certificates. These certificates bear 4 1/2 per cent interest and can be redeemed when the third liberty loan is subscribed or can be exchanged for liberty bonds. both patriotism and good business judgement point to the advisability of purchasing certificates instead of any other corporation or municipal security.

It is up to those who prate of their patriotism to prove it by rallying to the aid of their country in this, its hour of need—for if the entire nation does not rally, industrially and financially, behind the government—a German peace, similar to Russia's, will be forced and their property go to swell the coffers of the kaiser.

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