Mail Tribune 100

March 9, 1918


To the Editor:

The proposal of the building of the Bear Creek bridge was the greatest event historically and politically for Medford. It was bitterly opposed by Judge Dunn, then county judge, and resulted in his defeat for re-election and resulted in the election of F. L. Tou Velle by a large majority vote from Medford. Judge Dunn and his Ashland supporters bitterly opposed county aid toward the building of the bridge;contending that it would take the road money from the county. But when it was shown that the aid asked from the county was only Medford's share of the road fund, the Ashland opposition ceased. Then the plans were drawn by Mr. Gerig, one of the Panama canal enineers, assisted by Olin Arnspioger, city engineer , and in due time the structure was erected, and stands today as one of the handsomest structures of its kind in the state, and is a lasting monument to Medford's enterprise and perseverance.

The scars of the battle of the Bear Creek bridge are healed and Ashland and Medford are on the best of terms. If George Dunn were nominated for the next term for county judge he would carry Medford overwhelmingly. Bear Creek bridge is the pride of Medford and any attempt to destroy the same would be looked upon with indignation. I am informed that there is an application to the city council to permit the bridge to become a part of a logging road. Nothing could more damage the structure than to permit heavily-loaded log-cars to cross the bridge. t Mr. Cullis is certainly entitled to all the aid the city can render, but the use of the bridge for a logging road is asking entirely too much.

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