Mail Tribune 100

March 8, 1918


The circular letter which Miss Allen, the Jackson county public health nurse, sent to every teacher in the county on Feb. 26, has been bringing a generous response. School after school is writing in inviting her to visit and get into touch with teachers and pupils.

Next week the Hawthorne school of Ashland and the Central Point school are to be visited by Miss Allen and a systematic inspection of the children begun. The Phoenix school has also asked that the work be begun there as soon as possible, and at least one rural school, that at Willow creek, has fallen into line and availed itself of Miss Allen's offer of her services as school nurse.

The inspection will be conducted in as careful and considerate a manner as possible. The child will be taken aside in another room and examined as to breathing and threat conditions, the eyes, the teeth and general physical condition. If trouble or defects are suspected, a sealed note will be sent to the parents telling them of the suspicious symptoms found and advising that they take the child to the family physician or dentist for diagnosis and care. If the child's condition is considered sufficiently serious to warrant it, the nurse will call upon the parents and explain the case more fully. and if it is found that for financial reasons the child's defects are not being remedied, she will meet with the family and help them plan some way to get the the child the attention he needs.

The children in our schools, just as the soldiers in our army, are entitled to the fullest measure of physical development. And just as the government, having paid so dearly in precious wars for its neglect of the health of its soldiers, is now inspecting its men and supervising their physical condition as it never has done before, so in the schools thruout the country, the physical condition of the pupils is receiving greater and greater attention.

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