Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 4, 1917


Altho the sanitarium has been open and doing business for the past two months, the formal opening of the new Medford sanitarium, which is pronounced by experts to be one of the most modern and complete institutions of its kind on the Pacific coast, will be formally opened Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 8 p.m. The public is invited to inspect the building and its appointments.

The sound and fire-proof handsome three-story brick building, which stands on a commodious lot at the corner of Sixth and North Ivy streets, was designed and built especially for sanitarium purposes, based on the latest approved and tested ideas, and the institution is equipped with modern hospital appliances and conveniences, with particular attention to light, sanitation, bathing and fresh air facilities.

The sanitarium can care for twenty-five patients at a time. the first and second floors are devoted to the care of patients, the top floor is given over entirely to the surgery and obstetrical department, and the basement is occupied by the Turkish bath establishment, which is for the use of the general public. A modern elevator does away with all climbing of stairs.

Every patient's room has its own connecting sleeping porch and essential conveniences and appliances, including individual telephone connection with the sanitarium exchange by which patients can talk from his or her bed to anywhere in the city or long distance.

In six of the rooms there are private shower baths and lavatories, and on each floor are other shower baths and lavatories for the general patients.

The beds are the latest approved hospital design, being adjustable to all angles to suit the patient.

The nursery department, whose equipment is the latest in the market, can accommodate ten babies or small children, and has the bassinets, or swinging beds. the rooms for the nurses of this department connect directly with it. A unique feature of the nursery is that around its walls there is a frieze of storks.

A feature of the sanitarium much appreciated by patients is the commodious sun room on the second floor, where the convalescents can congregate and read and write and enjoy the sunshine seated in reclining chairs or lying on couches.

The top floor is devoted entirely to the surgery and obstetrical departments, which has all the equipment of a modern surgery. Here the color scheme departs from the former usual white of surgical rooms of hospitals, objected to by most surgeons and physicians because of its peculiar glare. the walls and ceilings are in the same cream color soft tones as feature the patients rooms thruout the building.

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