Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 11, 1917


In all phases of this war preparation, Oregon has stood foremost and we are proud of our men and women. Now with September 15, women's registration day, as proclaimed by Governor Withycombe, so close, the women of Medford are facing another opportunity to show that Jackson county stands ready to give as liberally as she has already done. Much must be done and done quickly and moreover done by each woman in the city.

Every woman is a member of the woman's committee of the United States Council of National Defense and she is expected to "do her bit." Within a few days each home in the city will be visited and a card left for each woman 16 years of age or over. Information will be printed in local papers later concerning places where cards may be obtained and filled-out cards left, Saturday, September 15 during the afternoon and evening.

The Medford organization several weeks ago at its first meeting elected Mrs. E. N. Warner as chairman and Miss Burke secretary. At the second meeting last Thursday at the library a committee was appointed to work out local details for this registration.

Registering does not mean that the one who thus signifies her ability and desire to serve in a certain capacity will be called upon immediately to serve but it does mean that should this war continue for several years, the government will know where to find capable women to carry out its instructions. Those who are reading know what the French and English women are doing today and our turn may come all too soon. Who can predict? But we must be ready. this is our war, and we must fight shoulder to shoulder with the men.

This is not a state or local movement. It is nation wide with Dr. Anna Howard Shaw at its head and many states have already held their registration days.

Women of Medford, will you rally now as never before, and help us to send in a full and complete registration?

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