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Sept. 1, 1917, Continued


Sportsmen are puzzled to know where they are "at". Governor Withycombe has changed his mind so many times that it takes a mathematician to figure out whether the hunting season is closed or open.

On August 15, the day the deer season opened, the governor announced that he would not close the season, at the request of the state fire warden. The next day he announced that he would and declared the season closed from August 21 to September 1.

Then on August 29 came the announcement that the season would remain closed until rain relieved the situation. Troops were ordered to patrol the forests and hunters were likely to pot a soldier, who had been given orders to shoot on sight suspected arsonists.

On August 30, District Game Warden Walker received the following from State Game Warden Shoemaker:

"The governor's proclamation closes all the hunting seasons all over Oregon until re-opened by proclamation. The order is now in full force and effect. Proclamation re-opening the seasons will not be made until a general rain prevails throughout Oregon".

On August 31, though not a drop of rain had fallen, the governor changed his mind again and the state game warden wired deputies as follows:

"The governor has explained that his proclamation closing the hunting season affects only the timbered areas, and that the open seasons which are no open or may be opened within the next 30 days are not affected".

Consequently the popping of guns began early Saturday about Medford as the dove season is open. As a matter of fact, few sportsmen are paying any attention to the governor's proclamations - there are too many of them and he might have changed his mind again since last heard from. It has been a case of in again, out again, so much that it will soon be gone again Flanagan, for this year.


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