Mail Tribune 100

April 16, 1917


A large crowd of Medford and Jacksonville people were gathered at the depot Sunday evening to bid farewell to the 16 Medford women who were departing to report for duty in the naval reserve at the Bremerton navy yard, and the five Jacksonville young men leaving for the same place to report for naval reserve duty.

In addition to the names of those published last week as ordered to report for duty, the following who received their orders late Saturday and who were all the employees of the local telephone exchange, were in the naval reserve party leaving Sunday evening: Florence Whetsel, Theresa Caughtran, Ada E. Evans, Mabel F. Evans, Edna H. Barrell, Ruby J. Bailey and Mildred Bliton.


The fruit season has probably developed more rapidly among the dealers in the valley than the fruit itself. We are informed that the development of fruit is at least thirty days behind former years. Taking it as a whole the Rogue river valley never looked as promising for a bumper crop as this season. The continued wet weather has retarded cultivation and spraying to a great extent, but we are informed that this work will all be accomplished before the season closes.

The new independent company, The Bardwell Fruit company, is probably one of the most progressive in the campaign of the fruit industry in the valley. They have furnished a large portion of the spray material to the respective growers and are most active in the field in lining up and informing the growers of the advent of the Stewart Fruit company of California into the Rogue river valley in the purchase and distribution of the famous Rogue river valley fruit.

D. W. Stone of Central Point has associated himself with the Bardwell Fruit company, and is now actively engaged in the campaign with Mr. Bardwell. The Bardwell Fruit company is the sole agent and representative of the Stewart Fruit company. Mr. Stewart has a large number of friends among the older fruit growers of the valley who in past years found him one of their best friends in the handling of their fruit, and they all speak most highly of the treatment received from the Stewart Fruit company.

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