Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 7, 1917


Two suit cases and a large packing case loaded with booze are reposing in the office of Justice Glenn O. Taylor as the result of a raid this morning by Sheriff Jennings on a private residence. The case was marked, "S. Hawkins, Medford."

A search warrant was issued Monday at the request of Prosecuting Attorney Roberts. This action came following the failure of the sheriff to intercept the shipment, which, it is alleged, was put off the train at Phoenix Sunday and taken away in a car.

The search warrant stated that a hunt would be made for "illicit whiskey." The seizure was made because it is alleged, the liquor was brought into the state after the bone dry law had gone into effect.


G. W. Bartch of Salt Lake, representative of capitalists interested in the development of the Blue Lodge copper district, arrived in the city Tuesday evening and left Wednesday morning for the mines in the company of E. L. Jones, owner of the Copper King mine.

The arrival of Bartch is thought by local mines to presage a deal for Blue Lodge properties. Jones, during the past week, has collected a number of samples of copper ore from the collection at the Commercial club, which he turned over to John R. Allen. Allen is supposed to have been working for a number of months on a deal for the disposal of various Blue Lodge properties.


  • The supreme court has sustained the lower court in the course of the Grand Prize Hydraulic Mines et al, appellants, vs. R. Boswell, et al, respondents; appeal from Josephine county: suit to have respondents declared trust as for appellants in purchase of state school land for mining purchases; opinion by Justice McCamant, affirming Judge Calkins.

  • Dr. J. J. Emmens, who has been taking a post graduate course in New York and Philadelphia will arrive February 12 and be in his office thereafter.

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