Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 21, 1916


The Bernard Motor Co. of this city was sold Monday to George. E. Treichler and Van R. Piersen, who will take over the business at once. Mr. Bernard will leave shortly for New York City to accept a position there. The Bernard Motor Co. was established in June 1915, and grew rapidly until April 1916, then moved into their large and commodious quarters at 130-132 N. Front Street, where they occupy one of the handsomest showrooms in Southern Oregon. Mr. Bernard sold the first Dodge Brothers car ever bought in Medford and today there are more than 100 of these popular cars in the valley. They have also sold a number of Hudson Super Sixes this season. Mr. Henry Kiene was taken into the company last March, and will return to his former home at Dubuque, Iowa, to resume the banking business in which he was interested before coming west. Mr. Treichler has held the Overland agency in this country for the past year and leaves and enviable record amongst the people in this vicinty. The new management will endeavor to serve the public and carry out the same desire for honest and efficient service as established by its predecessors.

Branch offices will still be retained in Ashland, Grants Pass and Crescent City and the firm name of Bernard Motor Co. will still be retained.


Captain W. G. Williams and Lieutenant Lawrence Jensen, under orders from Colonel C. C. Hammond, are in Medford today to conduct the Coast Artillery shoot for the Banker's trophy. Saturday the three Eugene companies and the staff completed their shoot. The Ashland company had their turn on the range yesterday.

One-third of the members of each company is selected to represent his organization.

The match is held with the view to raising the efficiency of the men in rapid close range work. The men shoot from ranges of 200 and 300 yards and fire 10 shots in 20 seconds at each range.

The following is the schedule of the matches to be held this week: First company at Ashland, November 21; seventh company at Medford, November 22; fourth company at Roseburg, November 23; sixth company at Cottage Grove, November 24; fifth company at Albany, November 26; eight comapny and band at Porltand, November 27.

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