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Today's air quality update: stay indoors

As you might expect from looking out any window, air quality in Ashland and Medford is at "very unhealthy" levels today, according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. People should limit their exposure outside, as they may experience more serious health effects from wildfire smoke, the DEQ says.

DEQ readings are measured by the presence of PM 2.5, microscopic pollutant particles smaller than the diameter of a human hair that can cause serious health problems as they can bury deep into lung tissue. A reading of 0 to 50 is considered "good" air; over 300 is "hazardous" and affects all populations, not just those with respiratory problems.

Shady Cove, where the 40,000-acre Miles fire is burning to the north, continues to experience "hazardous" air at 340.

Medford's air is listed at 203 PM 2.5 and Ashland at 204.

Air in Grants Pass, Klamath Falls and Cave Junction is listed at "unhealthy" levels.

To see the latest air quality readings in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Cave Junction and Shady Cove, click here.

Here's how to interpret the DEQ index:

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