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Jet emergency shakes passengers

An American Air plane bound from Phoenix, Arizona, that may have been leaking fuel made an emergency landing Sunday night, prompting emergency crews to monitor smoke from one of the engines while unnerving passengers.

“They were in shock,” said passenger Kathryn Janicek. “The pilot was very shaken.”

Flight crews rushed passengers off the plane after it landed, and the engines were shut off immediately, said Janicek, a media coach with Kathryn Janicek Productions.

Layne Watson, a spokesman with SkyWest Airlines, said no one was injured, and there was no evidence of fire on the plane.

“The mechanics are still inspecting it,” he said.”They did call in the emergency equipment, but it was after it landed.”

Watson said crews expedited the departure of passengers.

Throughout the flight the plane operated normally, though the mechanics will determine whether there was a fuel leak, he said.

In a prepared statement, SkyWest, which operated as American Eagle, issued a statement, “After a routine flight, passengers on SkyWest, operating as American Eagle from Phoenix to Medford, Oregon, deplaned in an expeditied manner through the main cabin door due to reports of mist coming from an engine.”

The statement indicated there was no evidence of fire.

Janicek said the pilot and flight crew helped get luggage off the plane about two hours after it landed.

“The pilots did a great job,” she said.

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