Lisa Freitas walks the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards in an outfit bought from Goodwill stores in Southern Oregon. Photo courtesy Lisa Freitas

From Goodwill to the Globes

Secondhand duds from Southern Oregon have shared the same red carpet as Versace, Vuitton and Hollywood's A-list for the second year in a row.

Gathering with stars Sunday at the Beverly Hilton for the 74th annual Golden Globes, Paul Duran of Hollywood, married to Hollywood Foreign Press Association member Vera Anderson, wore a tuxedo jacket bought at the Good & Will boutique in downtown Ashland.

It'd be easy to call it a rags-to-riches story for the jacket Duran bought in December for $59 from the Southern Oregon Goodwill-owned store, but as a lightly used, Italian-made Belvest for the Tailored Man label, it was hardly a rag, according to Lisa Freitas, Duran's sister-in-law. Freitas was previously an executive assistant for the vice president of Southern Oregon Goodwill's Retail and Operations Department.

While Duran and Anderson were in Southern Oregon for Christmas, Freitas told them she knew of several jackets that had been donated and took him thrift shopping. The jacket was virtually "tailor fit for him," Freitas said. 

Catherine Starr, manager of the boutique that has been open in downtown Ashland since November, said the store has had other brushes with celebrity. Earlier in the week, three wives of San Francisco 49ers players stopped in the shop, sending Starr selfies of the faux fur coats, hats and scarves they found.

Freitas said there are "treasures" to be found in all the Goodwill stores, but Starr said the boutique, at 163 E. Main St., accommodates a shopper less interested in sifting.

"Now you don't have to dig as much," Starr said.

At last year's Golden Globes, Freitas joined her brother- and sister-in-law on the red carpet, wearing a lavender gown, jewelry and shoes all sourced from Jackson County Goodwill stores.  Others may have been wearing custom Vera Wang, but Freitas said she didn't feel out of place.

"It actually made me feel very proud," Freitas said. "That the stuff you get, we can go to the Golden Globes in."

Freitas admitted she wasn't runway-ready overnight, but everything she wore on the red carpet in 2016 came from a thrift-store rack. Each Jackson County store manager submitted pieces they thought would work for Freitas. Everything she wore was donated again after the awards.

"We all made a game of it," Freitas said.

Freitas, who's been to the Globes three times since 2010, said most wouldn't know that the awards event starts with a "fantastic dinner" with elaborately set tables and "unending champagne." There are gifts everywhere, and every shade of makeup in the restroom.  

At those events, Freitas has met the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jon Hamm (who plays Don Draper in the AMC drama series "Mad Men"), not that there's much photographic evidence.

"I don't want to be 'that' person," Freitas said.

She has memories of helping Drew Barrymore in the restroom when Barrymore's dress zipper got stuck, and helping Jon Voight make space in a crowd for an elderly woman to pass through.

"It's memorable to me," Freitas said. "He (Voight) probably does it all the time."

She said it's interesting to observe celebrities being "starstruck" when they meet the likes of a Meryl Streep. Freitas said she gets starstruck herself, unlike her husband, film industry writer and director Gene Carlisle. 

"I'm a little hometown girl," Freitas said. "I'm not a star."

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