For young adult mysteries, try Forman, Adams, McManus

For young adult mysteries, try Forman, Adams, McManus

— Cass

Following the success of her novel “If I Stay,” Gayle Forman’s “I Was Here” is her latest offering in the young adult mystery genre. I believe this would be a great book for you to check out and read.

You mentioned you were interested in psychological thriller-type books, and I know “Ruthless” by Carolyn Lee Adams fits the bill nicely. This story follows a young woman who is kidnapped, escapes and starts watching her kidnappers to find out why she was taken.

My last offering to you in the mystery genre is “One of Us is Lying” by Karen M. McManus. I know I am dating myself, but I think “The Breakfast Club,” but with murder added to the mix. If you don’t know the movie “The Breakfast Club,” think “Mean Girls.” Yes, this book is like the movie “Mean Girls,” but with murder.

For the more adult/racy romance novels, nothing beats authors Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter. Anything by them is certainly blush-worthy in the romance department, with great story lines, strong and complicated female leads and heroes that are all alpha.

The first book in the “Immortals After Dark” series by Cole is “The Warlord Wants Forever,” but I started reading the second book in the series with no trouble.

A great duology to start with is Showalter’s “Playing With Fire” and “Twice As Hot.” Both have lots of paranormal and fantasy aspects that bring a lot to the story and make them fantastic reads.

— Jackson County Library Services Floater Ellaine Manalo-Strickland

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