Your daily paper: It's useful info and tough on streaks

I want to know what there is about newspapers that makes them clean windows so well? I tried it on my car windows and they are beautiful.

— Jenny C., Jacksonville

Well, Jenny, we certainly hope you were doing your windows with the Muted Trumpet; we love to help our readers in any way we can.

We all know that anglers have relied on newspapers to wrap fish for eons, but sometime decades ago someone stumbled on to the notion that newspapers were a good solution when it came to cleaning windows.

Cleaning your windows with yesterday's news (paper) beats reading it over and over, and gives it multiple uses before hitting the recycle pile. The paper leaves a film that's resistant to dirt, and the paper doesn't leave lint behind, as paper towels or most types of cloth will do.

Some people say newspaper ink acts as a natural window polish, and that the newsprint and ink function as a very fine abrasive to remove dried-on dirt.

One of the many online do-it-yourself advisers explains just scrubbing the window with dry newspaper is a simple good start in removing built-up dirt. Some car dealerships even use newspapers to spice up new deliveries.

There is one caveat: Make sure to avoid using newspaper with colored ink; it doesn't have the same results.

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