You must have a license, unless it's electric

Lately, I've seen a lot of guys riding bicycles retrofitted with little two-stroke engines and it's got me wondering. Are these things legal to ride by some guy with a suspended driver's license from a DUI?

— Bert A., e-mail submission

Well, Burt, you hit on a quirk in Oregon motor-vehicle rules involving people with suspended licenses, but it doesn't matter if the suspension is for a drunken-driving conviction or blowing through too many red lights.

Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen said people with suspended licenses cannot drive a motor vehicle — and that includes gas-powered bicycles, go-carts and the like — on public streets or roadways.

So those guys buzzing around town on the retro-cycles must be carrying valid driver's licenses to be legal, Hansen said.

There is a singular exception, however: You don't need a license to operate an electrically assisted bicycle, Hansen said, so, if that little engine strapped to the bike is a hybrid, you don't need a license to operate it ... at least until the battery dies and it kicks over to gas.

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