You can still call for recorded weather info

There used to be a phone number you could call to get a recorded weather forecast. We thought the number was on the weather page in the paper, but we looked all over and couldn't find it. Is there still a number you can call for the weather?

— Curious in Medford

As it turns out, there's more than one number, Curious, but the one we recommend is the recorded weather line at the National Weather Service office in Medford, which is 541-779-5990.

When you call, you'll be given several choices: Press 1 for current weather; Press 2 for Jackson County, Cascades and Siskiyou Mountains forecasts; Press 3 for the Medford daily climate; Press 4 for the Oregon and California highway conditions phone numbers; Press 5 for the Siskiyou Pass forecast; and Press 6 for river levels.

For road conditions and travel advisories, you can reach the Oregon Department of Transportation Trip Check traveler information line by dialing 511 from any place in Oregon. That number will give you seven menu options to help narrow down the area you're concerned about.

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