Yes, you have more tax time to procrastinate

I've been waiting until I could get all my stuff together to do my taxes. I know April 15 is just about here. But I was told the other day I don't have to mail in my tax returns until after Easter this year. Is that a sneaky move by Donald Trump?

— Pat K., Talent

Well Pat, you're right on part of it, tax returns aren't due to be postmarked until April 18 this year — that's a Tuesday. Last year was a leap year, and this is a tax procrastinator year.

It's the luck of the calendar draw rather than the whim of anyone in the White House.

We all know the Internal Revenue Service expects to see those 1040-whatevers signed, stamped and postmarked by April 15, under penalty of law. However, April 15 is Saturday, and when tax day falls on a weekend, or a legal holiday, the due date is pushed back until the following Monday.

April 17 just happens to be a legal holiday in Washington, D.C. That's because President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on April 16, 1862, and with April 16 falling on a Sunday, that pushes the the holiday to April 17.

All that celebration in the nation's capital has a ripple effect, pushing the tax filing date to Tuesday, April 18.

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