Whereabouts of Brandon Perdue still unknown

Last year or earlier, a young man disappeared, possibly into the local forests while driving his small red car. A search was conducted for a long time but we never heard what the final outcome was. It was believed that he was suicidal. We were wondering whether anything was ever discovered?

— Alan & Carla Fisher, Trail

According to Medford police, there has been no final outcome involving the investigation on the whereabouts of Brandon Perdue. However, the investigation is ongoing.

Police received several reported sightings of Perdue and his red Honda Civic in the past two years, but none of them actually have been him, Medford police said.

The Perdue family did not respond to calls from the Mail Tribune, but the family's telephone answering machine has a message greeting that asks for Brandon to call a cell phone number and tells operators that they do accept collect calls from Brandon Perdue.

Perdue last was seen the evening of June 13, 2008, at a Dairy Queen in White City. The previous day he had told his girlfriend he might harm himself by overdosing on pills.

Police tracked a cell phone signal that bounced off a tower near Lake of the Woods off Highway 140 at about 8 p.m. the night he disappeared.

Perdue also reportedly told his girlfriend that he wanted to leave the area the day before he disappeared and that no one would find him if he did.

So far, he has been right.

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