Wandering wolf OR-7 is hanging out locally

OK, you people have been silent long enough. Where is OR-7? Is he still in Jackson County?

— Robert H., Email submission

You're right, Robert, we haven't weighed in lately on wandering gray wolf OR-7, Southern Oregon's most famous fauna whose wanderings around Oregon and Northern California in search of a mate has kept those of us at Since You Asked Central hopping the past two years.

OR-7 got his name because he was the seventh wolf captured and fitted with a GPS-transmitting collar that allows state and federal biologists to track his whereabouts ever since he left Northeast Oregon in search of new territory and a mate in September 2011.

After a year-long stint in California, OR-7 has been hanging out pretty consistently in southeast Jackson County and southwest Klamath County since March 12-13, says Michelle Dennehy, the wolf program spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Biologists believe he slipped back into Northern California once, but he's been an Oregonian consistently since May and remains the only known wolf in Western Oregon since 1937, Dennehy says.

Dennehy says the area he's been frequenting is a mix of private commercial timberland and federal land, and ODFW policy is not to be more specific than that.

Several state and federal biologists have seen OR-7 since his return, but there have been no known trail-camera images of him, she says.

And, unfortunately for him, there remains no evidence that he's found a mate, Dennehy says.

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