Uber drivers will stage close to airport

I'll love it that I can now use my Uber app right here in Medford. I'm going to be flying to Chicago for a conference next week and be gone for five days. I'm used to how Uber works in big cities, but I'm not sure how it will work at Rogue Valley International. My question for the Mail Tribune is how will I be able to tell the difference between my rideshare car and the taxis out front?

— Kate C., Medford

From what we've been able to discern from talking with Uber's Oregon staff and airport personnel, you will simply let your fingers do the walking, and the ride-hailing service will find you.

While traditional taxis and limos line up in the lane across the terminal street, Uber drivers are slightly removed, but will be close enough to quickly connect with riders.

We caught up with outgoing airport public information officer Kim Stearns, who told us Uber drivers will be stationed not far from the F-16 fighter mounted just northwest of the terminal. The nearly dozen spaces previously dedicated to Airport Community Enthusiast members have been reduced to make room for Uber drivers awaiting arriving planes and passengers.

"We still have ACE positions, but some of them have been taken up for the rideshare," Stearns said.

There are now four, well-marked Uber spots in that area, she said.

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