Trial date has been moved back in pot case

About a year ago, the police rounded up a group of people who were accused of funneling marijuana grown under the medical marijuana law into the black market. Among them was the owner of a mixed martial arts gym in Medford. The Mail Tribune wrote that the trial would happen this month, but I haven't seen the results of that trial.

— Brandon C., Medford

The fates of the four people police arrested in October 2011 for reportedly growing excess medical marijuana and illegally selling it had been scheduled for Nov. 13, but that date has been pushed back, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Doug Fong.

"We originally had a trial date set, but it has been moved to an undetermined time," Fong said.

Last year, the U.S. Attorney's Office filed charges of distribution, manufacture and possession of marijuana against Robert Dunham Hisamoto, who owns Samurai Fighting Arts on North Riverside Avenue.

Also charged were Charles Lester Reader, Madeline "Mandy" Lafern Reader and Gary Chris Figueira, who allegedly helped Hisamoto tend marijuana gardens in the county, prosecutors said.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents came across these gardens during aerial surveillance in August and September 2011. They reportedly spotted 198 marijuana plants growing on a property in Central Point that belonged to Hisamoto.

The DEA alleges it checked Oregon Medical Marijuana Program records and found the property approved for 28 patients, allowing a maximum of 168 mature plants on the property at one time.

Fong said a trial is certainly possible in the near future, but nothing has been set in stone.

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