Traffic signal will have to wait

Is there any chance of either a flashing caution light or regular traffic signal coming to the intersection of Foothill and Cedar Links roads? That's a pretty bad intersection, especially turning left off of Cedar Links onto Foothill. Traffic on Foothill at that point is moving pretty fast. I hope it doesn't take a fatal accident to put some type of signal in there.

— Matt H., Medford

You're not the only one worried about that spot, Matt. Just like you, the city of Medford wants a traffic signal at the intersection. It even has selected a place for the light and has purchased right of way to install the signal.

But according to Cory Crebbin, director of public works for Medford, it won't happen until a developer of nearby property provides the funds, as the city doesn't have the money. The current condition of the economy and development activity suggests developers may be in the same straits, so don't start looking for that light anytime soon.

Crebbin explained that development occurs in phases, and during a certain phase of development a traffic signal must be installed before the next phase can occur.

"They can't start building houses until the traffic signal is put in," Crebbin said.

So, until a developer decides to move forward on a project and has reached that particular phase, a traffic light will not be installed.

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