The biggest MT of them all

It seems like every year the Thanksgiving Day newspaper is the biggest one of all. Is that true and do you know what was the biggest paper ever, Thanksgiving or otherwise?

Kathy L., Medford

Kathy, we are delighted to answer that question because when we asked our operations director, Ed Rose, he told us that, yes, Thanksgiving is the biggest paper — and this week's paper will be a record setter.

Ed tells us that, with 46 advertising inserts, tomorrow's Murkey Turkey will top the previous record of 42 inserts in 2012.

Being an operations guy, he had all kinds of other facts and figures to help us wow you with our incredible knowledge of the useless and near-useless.

In all, counting news sections and advertising inserts, the total package will have 746 pages. The vast majority of that will be advertising inserts extolling the virtues of Black Friday (and Gray Thursday) holiday sales.

Some more scintillating facts:

  • Based on a press run of 31,000 copies, we will distribute a total of 1.4 million inserts and 23.1 million total news and ad pages in the Thursday papers.
  • Each paper will weigh about 3 pounds, 14 ounces and each bundle of five papers handled by your carrier will weigh about 19 pounds, 4 ounces. Most carriers distribute about 250 papers daily, which adds up to 969 pounds for each of them. We hope they've been working out to get ready for this.
  • The entire press run of 31,000 copies will weigh just short of 60 tons.

If you're trying to figure out how to cope with all that fabulous information coming your way on Thanksgiving, we suggest you follow our plan: Read a lot, eat a lot, read some more, eat dessert, read till your eyes hurt, have a turkey sandwich and then get some rest. You'll need your strength to fight your way to the Xbox table or the Pom Pom Puppies or the ... . Then again, maybe the left-over pumpkin pie might be a better choice.

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