Storms make for un-fun camping

Do you know if the campgrounds on the upper Rogue River are open after the late season storms? I was hoping to camp at Hamaker Campground later this month. Is the smoke from the California forest fires affecting the air quality in that area?

— Scott B., via e-mail

Smoke is the least of your problems at Hamaker Campground, where trees blown down during harsh spring storms have kept the popular northeastern Jackson County campground closed.

Ditto for Parker Meadows, where downed trees have yet to be bucked up and moved out of the way.

Patty Burel, spokeswoman for the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest says all the other campgrounds are open in the Prospect/Butte Falls area of the forest.

There are no timetables for getting the trees cleared at Hamaker, Burel says. At Parker Meadows, hope is to get the campground open in time for fall hunting camps to use it, she says.

The spring storms did a doozy on high-elevation forest lands, topping and dropping trees that Forest Service crews are methodically removing.

"We plan on dealing with it," Burel says. "It just will take us some time."

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