Still no plans for a Medford Trader Joe's

I've heard plenty of rumors over the past few years that Trader Joe's is coming to Medford; possibly to the planned Northgate shopping center. Has Trader Joe's committed to putting a store at Northgate, or anywhere in the Rogue Valley any time soon?

— Torin Foster, Ashland

Unfortunately Torin, and the rest of you Trader Joe's fanatics in Southern Oregon, the answer is the same as it was in 2008 ... No.

Medford isn't on the company's two-year plan for opening a location, said Alison Moachizuki, the continual bearer of bad news for our valley's natural food fans during the past five years and public relations manager for Trader Joe's.

This is the exact same answer she gave the Since You Asked Retailer Rumor Division two years ago, but there is no need to fear. We are not easily discouraged, and will be sure to contact her after another two years have gone by.

"I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes before then," she said.

On the other hand, there is some hopeful news that a Trader Joe's may eventually go up somewhere in the Rogue Valley, but how soon is anybody's guess.

Al Francis, vice president of client relations for Ausland Group in Grant Pass, said he spoke face-to-face with Trader Joe's representatives a few months ago.

"They told me that they definitely have intent for the Medford area, but no other details," Francis said.

Sam Fung, a Medford broker and consultant, confirmed Francis' claim.

Fung, who recently met with representatives from Trader Joe's, said the company is "aggressively opening more stores."

"They said we're on their list," Fung said.

So, go ahead and add that fuel to the Trader Joe's rumor fire.

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