Speeding in a work zone can cost you $220-$870

How much are speeding tickets these days in a construction zone?

— Betty S., Medford

With all the summer construction taking place, it's advisable to know the consequences for speeding in a construction zone, Betty.

According to the Oregon Judicial Department's 2012 "Schedule of Fines" for violations, fines for violating traffic laws in a construction zone range from $220 to $870, depending on the violation and how fast the driver was going.

Typically, construction zones are marked by large orange "Road Work Ahead" and "End Road Work" signs, according to Gary Leaming, spokesman for Oregon Department of Transportation's southwest Oregon division. Work zones also can be marked by cones or barrels. So, there's no excuse for drivers to say they didn't know they were in a construction zone, he said.

Even when workers are not present, fines for speeding still double in a work zone.

"The construction zone presents hazards that drivers need to pay attention to and that means going the speed limit," Leaming said.

Work zones may have narrower lanes and rougher roads and may not have an emergency shoulder.

During the past 10 years in Oregon, about 475 construction-zone-related crashes occurred each year, according to ODOT's communications website. An average of 18 serious injury crashes happen each year, and eight fatal crashes. Leaming said more drivers than construction workers are injured or killed in work-zone related crashes.

Leaming said ODOT has completed most of its summer projects, but is still working on Exit 14 off of Interstate 5 in Ashland. ODOT will start work on Highway 66 next week.

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