Southern Oregon Sales to focus on produce

I was glad to read that Southern Oregon Sales will keep going under new ownership. What about the quaint store there called The Pear Station? Will it continue? It looked closed last time I drove by, but it would be great if it is open. There are lots of stores like it in Jacksonville, but few in Medford.

— Kathy W., Medford

Well Kathy, if it's fruit and vegetables you desire, local produce will be available beginning Aug. 1, according to Southern Oregon Sales General Manager Diana Doran.

However, if you were banking on gift baskets and other gourmet items, those will no longer be sold by SOS.

"It will look quite a bit different than the past," Doran says. "The seasonal produce won't be inside the store. It will be more like a farmers market out front. We're going to leave the gift baskets and gourmet food to Harry & David."

The building housing The Pear Station will be converted to offices, Doran said.

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