South is where the action is along I-5

I'm wondering whether you can dig up figures on the volume of long-haul truck traffic driving north on Interstate 5 versus the volume going south.

It is my opinion based on personal observations from my vantage point at the Rogue Valley Manor that there are more such trucks going south and presumably on to California than are heading north.

I suspect that ODOT has figures on the latter, but also suspect that ODOT may not know the volume going south. I always read your daily MMT column and appreciate the information you impart. Many thanks.

—Ted B., Medford

Ted, your observations are right on the money, according to ODOT data going back to 2004.

Those figures also confirm what we here at the SYA School of Driving and Texting Multi-tasking always believed: There are a lot of trucks on the road.

The average annual daily traffic reported near milepost 12 in 2009 was 14,900 vehicles, according to ODOT figures.

About 40.6 percent of southbound traffic was commercial truck traffic, while 36.1 percent of vehicles heading northbound were commercial trucks.

In 2004, the percentages were similar. Of the 15,800 vehicles on the freeway each day, about 41 percent heading south were commercial trucks, with 35 percent of those heading north consisting of trucks.

Now you have us thinking about how to determine whether more of our Since You Asked answers went north or south.

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