Some agencies take donated medical supplies

I have a couple of boxes of sealed medical supplies — from surgical dressings to Lovenox injection syringes. Is there a local organization that might be able to use these?

— C.C., Jacksonville, via email

We called around to see who would take those medical supplies off your hands, C.C. And although most clinics and nonprofit organizations encourage monetary donations, some would welcome donated medical supplies — with some restrictions.

ACCESS, for instance, accepts most new and used durable medical supplies, which includes anything from diapers to walkers and wheelchairs.

"The only thing we couldn't accept is needles," an ACCESS employee said. "So we can't take the syringes, but everyone's welcome to donate other supplies at our office."

The organization's donation center is at 3630 Aviation Way, Medford.

Rogue Community Health, a nonprofit clinic in Medford, said it takes medical supplies for wound care services, Development Director Karen Elliot said.

"We don't do any surgeries, so the surgical dressings wouldn't be ideal for us," Elliot said. "But we'll accept any new and unopened supplies for our wound care services."

"We have to be careful with these kinds of things usually," said Jackson County Health and Human Services Division Manager Jackson Baures. "But if you Google it, there are definitely organizations out there accepting the donations."

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